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Internal Invasion & Erotic Evasion

The Full Trilogy
De : Jon Zelig
Lu par : Audrey Lusk
Durée : 1 h et 33 min

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Book I, Terminal Orgasm:

NASA’s military and intelligence arms are at the tip of the spear for a dictatorship that utterly dominates the US. They work with an alien life form, a kind of symbiont, that exists as part of a collectivity. Feeding on neurotransmitters, these "entities" are introduced into the body in a way that - at least initially - causes pleasure....

Tyler and Nebraska head a commando team that rescues Nebraska’s lover, Jenna, from a NASA interrogation lab. But once they’ve spirited Jenna to (at least temporary) safety, how do they extract the creature that’s been implanted in her?

And...can they do it in time to save Jenna's life?

Book II, The Struggle for Inner Space:

In their safe house in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Tyler and her team are running out of time. Sooner or later, they know there will be a counter-strike.

And - very - soon, the clock will run down on Jenna.

They'd grabbed up Dr. Cavatello when they rescued Jenna; she may be of help.

And the symbiont?

It may not - or "they" may not - actually want what the rebels (or NASA) think they want.

Book III, Subsumed (originally published as a standalone story):

After you make peace? When "the dust has settled" and a "new reality" is in place?

What does coexistence look - and feel - like? Physically? Spiritually? Sexually?

Sexual choices? Top-of-list.

With "the battle over"? Some people might be inclined to just..."give in".

We all make our own choices, after all.

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