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What happens when you meet a man you can't take home to meet your parents?

Author Lorhainne Eckhart returns with a brand new generation of Friessens. An engrossing, big family romance series about family, commitment, hope, and making a relationship work. In this Friessen Family novel, an unexpected proposition leaves a young woman tempting fate that will inevitably end in heartbreak.

She looked him straight in the eye - those blue eyes that were so intense and she wondered what they'd be able to get her do? She was smart, levelheaded, and not lacking in self-confidence. She loved who she was; she had a family who loved her, and yet here she was sitting here discussing giving something to a man she would never consider giving to anyone.

Living on her parents' ranch in the middle of nowhere, most people would give anything to be part of her family and have the kind of love her parents did. But Becky Friessen needed more than quiet and stability. She craved excitement, action, a spark of adventure, and not letting anyone steer her into something she didn't want to do or living in a quiet piece of the world where nothing ever happened. Until she meets a man who shocks her with an indecent proposal that she finds herself actually considering.

He is a man she could never tell her parents about. He is a man she could never take home to meet the family. Only, fighting this insane attraction between them could have her agreeing to something that could be a one-way road to heartbreak. 

©2017 Lorhainne Ekelund (P)2018 Lorhainne Ekelund

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  • JO's Book Addictions
  • 23/11/2018

Tom and Becky - 5 Stars

A Review of In The Moment by Lorhainne Eckhart

Tom and Becky - 5 Stars

I absolutely loved listening to this story and "seeing" it play out in my head as it was being read. This is another story in the Friesson family and how a cynical doctor learns that there really are families that have a strong love for each other and will support each other, no matter what comes along. Definitely one to keep and enjoy again and again.

**Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**

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    4 out of 5 stars
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    4 out of 5 stars
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    4 out of 5 stars
  • ButtonsMom2003
  • 22/08/2018

I enjoyed this a lot.

I have over 50 ebooks by Lorhainne Eckhart in my digital library but, believe it or not, this is the first one of hers that I've actually read (well, listened to 😊). My husband and I like to listen to audiobooks together when we're in the car so we started this one while we were doing errands around town. We both got so engrossed in it that we finished listening to it on our Amazon Echo as soon as we got home.

While In the Moment is book 8 of The Friessens series it can be read as a standalone. I didn't feel like I missed anything by not having read the earlier books. Hpwever, I certainly do want to go back and read them now so I can learn more about the older characters in this story who have books of their own.

Becky Friessen is just starting college when she meets Tom, a handsome, sexy doctor who stitched up her finger after she nearly cut it off chopping a cucumber for salad. He's not like anyone she's ever met before and he wants her!

Tom isn't interested in having a relationship with anyone but he wants Becky and is up front with her about only wanting sex. As things go along he comes to realize how wrong he was.

One thing about this story surprised me a bit. Becky is only 19 years old, just out of high school, and Tom is 28. I know this is not a huge age-gap by any means but it just made me a little squeamish that a 19-year-old, sexually inexperienced young woman, would consider agreeing to the terms that Tom demanded. I don't think I'm naïve but will admit that I'm past 60 and, even though I was married at 18, my age probably has something to do with how I felt about this.

All-in-all, it's a really good story and does present the Friessen's as a caring family unit which is quite different from what Tom is used to. The book doesn't exactly end on a cliffhanger but it definitely left me wanting to read or listen to the next one.

About the narration: It's the first book I've listened to by Curt Bonnem and I think he did a great job. One of the reasons I wanted to listen to this book was because it had a male narrator. For some reason I usually prefer a male voice for audiobooks (although there have been some great exceptions). Since most of the books in this series seem to have a female narrator I wanted to see how this one compares. Now I just have to make time to listen to the other ones. 😊

I was given a code for the audiobook by the publisher but this did not influence my opinion of the story or my review.