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How to Quiet Your Mind and Regain Balance

Lu par : Daniel Adam Day
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Life is full of surprises. We control how we respond to them, and the best way to strike a balance is to roll with the punches and go with the flow. Life's unpredictable course is our opportunity to meet surprises with acceptance and grace. It helps to have an open mind.

We live in a busy, fast-moving world where people do not have time to think about themselves but are forced to go on with their lives without any awareness to the ways these things affected them emotionally. With this much regression, it is no wonder stress is one of the main causes for many health issues, both mental and physical. Without releasing stress and having a proper period of battling with bad feelings, people accumulate negative energy that is weighing them down in every aspect of their lives, thus putting a strain on other things that might be good and even opening the path to breakdowns. All negative feelings that are the main ingredients of stress attacking the body and mind have to be confronted and dealt with in the best way possible for an individual.

As hard as we work, and as busy as we are, it's important to take advantage of nature whenever possible to restore balance to our emotional, mental, and circulatory systems. When the pressures of daily life cause us stress, we become physically and mentally imbalanced. The effect of stress on the etheric energy level is that we become blocked in the energy center (chakras) of our bodies. There exists both productive and unproductive stress, and the latter can cause unnecessary physical pain and even illness.

An effective way to reduce stress-related pain in the body is to deepen our understanding of ourselves so we can support our health and nurture ourselves through challenges. A simple and creative way of giving ourselves the calming and balancing effect of being in nature is to focus on the color green. This is especially helpful when we are too busy or in too much physical discomfort to physically get out into nature. The color green of the natural world can offers us feeling of peace and balance, which is why we sometimes crave nature when we feel stressed and overwhelmed. When we imagine green light, for instance, it can energize, soothe, and restore balance.

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