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Sillicon Valley seen by a paranoid narcissist

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Rédigé le : 29/09/2018

Well, the author is a journalist who tells the story of his 3 year work in a start up company in Sillicon Valley. Maybe what he tells about the extravagant and surrealistic atmosphere of the company is correct, however, his point of view has a lot of bias:
- Throught the story he considers himselve absolutely above everyone, I came to the conclusion that he has a narcissistic personality disorder.
- Throught the story you also see that he has always the impression that people thinking badly of him, so I cam to the conclusion also that he has a paranoid personality disorder,
- Throughout the story you also observe that he doesn't have any empathy with other people and has actually a treasonous behaviour toward people who help him and who are empathic with him, so I cam to the concusion that he has anti social personality disorder,
I really regret having heard his book and wasted my time on hearing what I believe is not at all a reality.

My only takaway from this book is to be very cautious and not to recruit this kind of guy or to dismiss them as soon as I identify one.