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Couverture de Perfect

Just perfect !

5 out of 5 stars

Rédigé le : 03/10/2011

I read YA not because I am a children's writer but because I enjoy a good read - and Perfect by Ellen Hopkins was just that. I listened to it over a period of tow days, unable to drag myself away for long from the outcome of our four high school seniors. The four young narrators do true justice to the pitch and rhythm of Ellen's poetic prose
and the depths, questioning and strength of the four POV. I just loved Ellen's literary device of weaving one story into the next with a word or a phrase, that caused one to linger just a little longer over each individual story.

As the title suggest, these four teens are struggling with the external (parental and societal), and at times internal, imposition of pressure to be perfect - the perfect independent twin, the skinniest model, the buffest athlete, the smartest.... We may have known these crippling and unrealistic goals in our own past, I know I have.
As a high schooler guidance counselor, I see teens every year facing these sorts of scenarios, which is why I am so grateful for such an author, who can get under the skin and into the mind and heart of these wonderful, struggling characters. I actually found myself having strong flashbacks to my own teen years and wishing I could have read of a Connor or a Cara or a Kendra, knowing someone understood.

Another powerful book by Ellen Hopkins, leaving one pensive and somewhat vulnerable. I recommend this to teens and adults alike.

Couverture de Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies


5 out of 5 stars

Rédigé le : 08/12/2010

I have this permanently on my ipod. A beautiful collection of old
classics, new discoveries and poems written by Emma and Julie and other
family members. Great anecdotes introduce each section and both women
clearly enjoyed so much reading these poems out loud. Truly delightful !

Couverture de Home


5 out of 5 stars

Rédigé le : 27/09/2010

She has such a wonderful voice and enunciation that it is a joy to have
Julie narrating her own autobiography.