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Tamler versus Tamler

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Rédigé le : 24/11/2018

The book is great. It is well researched and the argument is convincing and delivered with just the right amount of irreverence to make it enjoyable and not dry. It is short and easy to understand and I highly recommend everyone to read the book. The reading, on the other hand, is terrible. In fact, "terrible" does not even begin to capture how atrocious the listening experience is. I have listened to what amounts to hundred of hours of the author's podcast and know full well that he is capable of pronouncing a simple sentence without awkward pauses or stumbling on basic words, but after listening to the six hours of this book, I am not so sure anymore. I honestly feel like I, a non native English speaker, could have done a better job at reading this book on the first attempt. If you want to support the author and his work, and you should, I recommend buying the book instead, and maybe picture David Pizzaro reading it instead.